Software Development

We offer custom API development based on Open API 3.0, backend development of distributed architectures, construction of microservices and frontend development using frameworks like Angular JS by our expert developers.


Frontend Development

  • Using frameworks like Angular JS
  • Based on standards such as Open API 3.0 Auth 2.0 (security)

DC/CI Flows

Quality and safety assurance Configuration and use of continuous integration and deployment flows automatically, so that it executes the following tasks:

  • Kubernetes cluster deployment or other orchestrator
  • Evaluation of good programming practices, Static code analysis (SonarQube)
  • Dynamic code analysis (owasp)
  • Vulnerability analysis (Trivy)
  • Automated unit, integration and E2E tests.
  • Centralization of information of the results (Jira)

API Development

  • Asynchronous
  • Based on Open API 3.0
  • Oauth 2.0 (Security)

Backend Development

Proficient knowledge of the backend programming language/framework, that includes:

  • Construction of Microservices (Java, NodeJS, Python, etc)
  • Development of distributed architectures
  • Construction based on Docker containers or Serverless
  • Knowledge in the use of Kubernetes, Docker, Apache Kafka, Elastic Search

Work Framework: SCRUM

We use the Scrum framework, because it offers us a range of ceremonies, deliverables and techniques that are now our daily bread. Our sprints have a cadence of 3 weeks and every time the sprints end we deliver value to our clients; “working software” is our mental tattoo.

Management Tool: JIRA

At S4BPS we are experts in managing our projects with Kanban boards, and we use the most powerful software on Latin American market: Jira. We like Jira for the ease of our agile scaling and because we complement it with Power BI.
There is no one to stop us!

Agile Scaling Framework

At S4BPS we currently work with the Essential configuration and we use this framework because it gives us a kit of very important tools for each of our sprints.

Target Calibration: OKRS

And if you're wondering how each team rows to the same organizational destination, OKR calibration makes it possible. “Planning shows us the way and OKRs show us the destination”.

Some Technologies: