BPM: Business Process Management

Implementing a BPM solution in your organization will help you reduce manual activities, eliminate bottlenecks, monitor each activity, define SLAs and this will help your organization to be more effective and efficient, which will translate into a better experience for your customers


Benefits of using BPM

  • Eliminate duplicate tasks and automate them. Increase efficiency: minimizing process errors, reducing waiting time, reducing human intervention and avoiding rework. Ensure that business rules are followed.
  • Guarantee a level of service (SLA) by handling exceptions, status monitoring, escalation of incidents, consistency and traceability in processes, etc.
  • Offer the possibility of modifying the way of working, reducing the impact that it entails, continuously improving.

SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture

Easily build powerful integrations with unparalleled end-to-end capabilities and enterprise-grade security.

What does?

Create and manage APIs

Make core business functions available through new digital channels.
Easy-to-use connectors bring your data from systems of record and SaaS applications together to automate core business functions and expose them through simple APIs that can be used across multiple digital channels.

Respond to events in real time

Deliver engaging customer experiences by responding to events and providing instant notifications and always-up-to-date data to customer applications. With a surge of new applications using existing data, ensure your backend systems aren't overloaded and alert partners and customers to the right events and status as they happen.

Make all your data securely available in the cloud

Unlock data from your business applications and make it available in the cloud.
Create a hybrid environment by connecting newer cloud locations to each other and to your local systems, which contain key business data. This hybrid environment makes critical data as easy to access for new applications as if it were in the same environment.

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